Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Big Boy's Birthday...Thursday :)

The Big Boy's Birthday...Thursday :)...It sure is/was (almost over) and the rest of the Critters even sang Zeke his birthday tune...(Should have videoed it) I could hardly hold it together as I presented him with his special dinner and the rest of the crew...and then tonight we all had our "Apples and Cookies"..

My day started off crappy...I did not sleep well last the time I got done tossin' and a turnin'  it was 1:30am before I closed my eyes and then I was up at 5 am...Not a good thing to today was dragging like a slug and I had to fight that mighty squirrel that keeps attacking my Hibiscus .

Now I'm ready to crash (brain and body) and hope for the best... as tomorrow I have that luncheon with John (the team of John and Jane ..the fighters) I'm praying it will go peacefully.

So this is short but sweet and my crew is already tucked in. Now I have to make room for ME !

God Bless and Sweet Dreams .

Here's Zeke....He's lookin' at ya !

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