Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wake Up ! Wake Up ! It's Tuesday, already

Wake Up ! Wake Up !  It's Tuesday, already...Holy Hannah the week is starting to fly by...Soon the hubby will be here and then I don't even want to think about it..Things will move quickly and I'll hear his southern twang muttering...of course my Brooklynees will fly into action...Amazing but we're still together HA ! 

Hubby is kind of a mutterer (funny word) and always has to have the last word.  That's kind of difficult with me cause I'm just as bad cepting I don't mutter I kind of speak loudly...Sort of an Italian heritage I do believe :)

Anyway the day rolled in gloomy and sputtered off and on.. waiting for the heavens to open up but NOT.. I didn't water my plants as they were damp so I just sat back and mellowed into bliss..(only for a few moments)

Watched that dang trail today..(I did tell you that I'm addicted to it) and between John (of the John and Jane duo) called each other and made our comments...Gawd I don't know what's wrong with this defense but they just ain't a gonna make much of a head way...more or less grasping bent straws.

Then later on towards evening I watched the humming birds get into it..  4 came to the feeder at once and it was.."What's this"  they all lifted into mid air flapping their wings and kind of just looking at each other..was a site to watch then the dives started and zoom they were on the chase... What a gift and to be able to move about like they do... must be my juice I make them ...HA !

So that was my day and then I watched America's Got Talent.. I have to say this year that program is getting strange...or is it just the acts...dunno but a lot of nonsense being chosen...Where oh where has the talent gone >>>>maybe Gone Fishing :)

Now I'm ready to fall out and begin another day of getting things sorted and then ready for trial...Honestly I can't help myself.. I just pray that poor Caylee gets justice ..then I think about my hubby's first cousin ..how her life was taken and we still have that murder trail to go through..OUCH..maybe that's why I'm watching so intensely

Doing the search of room on my bed and I see I'm gonna have to move the Big Boy..El Zeke..yes, he'll grumble and even show some ivory..but I think he kind of enjoys our little game..(hopefully )

With that it's off to see the Wizard in dream land...

God Bless and Nightie Night .

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