Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Morning Dash for Thursday

A morning dash for Thursday. That's right at 7am I was off and running and not at Jamaica  (race track in New York )HA !  Although I must admit it felt like it.  I had a few things to do and I thought the best was to get out and get back..Why you ask?  cause I couldn't miss that trial.

I had to make a run to Wally world and then to one of Jane's favorite places..Dollar pick up for John and myself Chicken hear me. It's only a buck a container and we use it in making up our Critter food. Also had to run in Wally World and I must say that the one in Leesburg is really cutting back on products.

Back home and all before back into the swing and made Critters breakfast and mine too and the rest was fall out cause the heat wave came along...again I'm becoming a part of my chair..HORROR !!!

I got my plants watered and watched that "Bugger" come up and look at me and then turn around and leave...Don't he ever get heartburn ?  My plants are looking good cepting Ms Hibiscus..maybe she'll have a chance.

This afternoon I managed to do my sorting of things that have to go out in the trash on Monday.. I am a collector lately and I need to get my act together..Hubby says, "it my compulsive behavior.."  Joy to the world I'm becoming a part of society that needs help...well I don't mind as long as it's not gonna cost me more bucks...maybe I can fit into the group of...Lost souls hey it's worth a try.. I've never gotten anything in my life for nothing..and now that I'm going towards the ending..(hate to admit that one)  I might be entitled to something...ok,ok quit the dreaming.. Ya know my last dream was a nightmare so I best just tuck this one under the covers.

I hear thunder in the background..sure do need some rain. This heat is playing havoc with me. Just thinking of my excuses.. Come south in the winter months cause I can't take the cold and now complaining I can't take the heat so I'll head North again..See how fickled I am..I can remember when I use to chuckle over people that were like that..So moral to my story..Don't laugh at others no matter what cause they could turn out to be YOU...!!

I'm dragging and tomorrow is another busy day..Going to lunch with Diane and Bob to discuss what needs to be done in the house and our check lists..See I'm still spending money..YIKES..but the house is really starting to come together and I can't wait for the house and driveway to be done..I'm gonna enjoy it when I come back in Oct.

Alrighty I hear my name being called by my bed...(I'm only kidding) and I can see the Critters all comfy...gonna have to move a few..especially the big boy..I can hear him complaining..and he does that . So it's good night and sleep tight...

God Bless

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