Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday went the same

Tuesday went the same as Monday... I got up before dawn decided to open it's eyes...Let the critters out and then I got right to work..Well, almost work. I bought a rice cooker cause I ain't ashamed to admit it....."I can't cook rice" !  Mine always comes out sticky...so now I don't have to sweat the small grains..this baby does it's Thang !!!

Yes, at 4am I was cooking rice and veggies for the big critters and got them done and pot cleaned and put away and my "stuff" was sitting in it's containers waiting to cool down to head into the "Deep Freeze"...Whoopie !

One more job done and out of the way...only a few more to go and we're heading for the "home stretch"...Keep em' rollin'...:)

Then I turned on the Boob Tube to watch that case again..(Anthony trial) and I was hooked into watching.  The next thing I realized the phone was ringing and it was the Doctor's office... the nurse "Mel" was giving me the report on that test I took.. the one that measure the oxygen while you're sleeping... the one that lets you feel the pulsing and seeing the flashing light while you attempt to sleep...HUH??????

Seem that while I'm sleeping I have intermitten lack of oxygen..so I said to Nurse, " You mean I'm in a dead sleep"????  She some how didn't get my humor..meanwhile I thought it was clever ...HA!

She then gives me the routine.. "You have to have another test done, and it's for Sleep Apnea...."... Sure I do, but I'm heading back to Pa...so I tell Miss Nurse,  "Dear, have that report ready for me and I'll pick it up and bring it back with me for my Doc at home"...the sigh comes over loud and clear... then the comment..(why do they do this >>>>)  "I'll have to ask Doctor and see what he says"... Of course you all know I don't take that to lightly...I politely tell this darling nurse..."Oh, while you tell him, let him know that I want all my tests and I'll be by tomorrow morning"...she then comes back with,  "I don't know about that"...hmmmm Now what part of what I said didn't she understand... So my comment was..."Dear, if you can't get them I'll call my insurance company and have them request them...but just to let you know that all patients should get copies of tests done for their own records as well and I think if I'm not mistaken, they're entitled to them "... I hear no comment and I nicely say..."I'm sure Doc won't have any problems with that he's always asked me if I needed anything to let him know"...

Sometimes I don't really think the Doctors ever really know how their patients are treated because most people just swallow it cause they feel that if they say anything the Doc might get angry... For me it don't work that way. If you don't speak up and I'm not saying to be nasty cause that don't get you any where ..but to the point, maybe it might make that Doc get his head out of the sand...???????

I know I'm on a roll...HA... but I needed that today cause I  was in a dump of a slump and dragging my butt ...so Light My Fire ever once in awhile will ya !

Oh, so the results of my conversation with Miss Nurse ....Outcome.. I'm picking the files up tomorrow and didn't get ask to find another Doc..hahahaha!

I'm brain tired and I'm gonna hit the sack hoping I can at least sleep till 5am that would be nice...and then it's off to the races again...

God Bless and Sleep Well...(notice I didn't say, "Tight"...I need room)

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