Monday, June 27, 2011

My Monday wasn't blue !

My Monday wasn't blue !  Not in the least and I was even enjoying my day.. Started off with having a good night sleep..That seems to always be the answer to a lot of things. Then I got to hear some good news from Hubby...All is set for him to come down on Friday...Yeah :)

Then I got to have a good cup of coffee and listen to the news and watch my humming birds come and enjoy their nectar...I made a fresh pot for them as I was here for another week.. boy when it's fresh they come in by the numbers..must be a good sent in the air..of course the big guy ( I call him Julius) he was on the mark to guard his food supply. Every once in awhile when I'm near the feeder  (usually watering my plants) he'll fly down and give me the (once over) buzz and I let him know.."Hey, don't bite the hand that feeds ya"...he zooms by so quickly and flashes his ruby throat..(show off)  I have to tell ya I enjoy it !

Well today I went to our board meeting with Betsy..we had made arrangements the day before and you all know how I enjoy that "lady" ..we always seem to agree..(not always) and we smile and a slight giggle come out..well today we had another neighbor join us.. I'll just call her "Mary L"  and after the meeting we took a tour of Mary L's garden..very nice ..a bit over the top for me ..but never the less, very nice..

Me, I kind of like simple stuff..a little color to make "pretty" but easy stuff that I don't have to be on a constant I do enough with my plants and feeders I really don't want too much more... but like I tell Betsy.."Pretty stuff so when Betsy takes a gander over she can enjoy too..."

Of course Clancy enjoys fixing things for me too.. and he and I have already decided on putting stone edging around the other side of the garden where it has some kind of black banding... YUCKO ...

Came back to the house and then took a rest of course my Critters were all bickering because I left I had to share my chair with Ms Reba and hear her complain...she does do that.. then we all shut our eyes for an hour and it was "Feed the Critters time"... My Joe paces in front of me to let me know he's hungry...that dawg is like the Rabbit  in Alice in Wonderland..he's got a built in clock...all for food too :)

My niece called this evening wondering where I've been as she tried to call me in Pa...of course I'm still in Florida...HA !  I had her laughing and we had a really enjoyable talk ..even went on a web site together so she could show me the dress she's going to wear at her son's wedding this coming Feb...Gawd the dress was gorgeous..and I know she'll be a real beauty in it too..

It's a good feeling that she and I are getting closer...I realize I'm kind of taking my sister's place...being she's not able to hold a conversation any more and pops in and out of reality.. I feel her loss even though she hasn't passed over...So for Theresa, being able to share thoughts and even some tears with is a good thing... it's been a very long time.  God sure does have a way a making things happen..may take years.. like for me and Theresa ...last time she and I talked or were even together was when she was 15yrs old and now she's 57.. I've missed out on so much of her life..Her Graduation from High School...Her Marriage, Her children and now I'm just getting caught up on the Grand kids..

I shake my head when I think about all the years I've been so alone without my sister and her children because of a bitter man (her husband) wanting to destroy any  of my sister's connections with her worked for a long time ... I use to think some day things will change and just prayed . Nothing more I can say about it without feeling more pain.. Things changed but it was because my sister became very ill.. Wish it could have been different  some things we can just never understand...It just is what it is and the evil person is no longer in the picture and my poor sister lives in a nursing home.. How very sad.. I just keep her in my prayers nothing more I can do for her other than help her children when they need me..

Those doors will open some day for the rest of them and Lord willing I will be there to hold them all close.. for now Theresa and I once a week talk...and I'm enjoying all of it... Next will be the big visit..that will be coming soon... can't wait..

Looking over at the clock and uh oh "it's bed time"...have to do another push to get in.. Love how they make room for me... and it's on to another day...

God Be With You Alice !

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