Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday early and I'm on a MISSION

Friday early and I'm on a MISSION...To get them's got to me big time. They are so brazen that they don't move when I tap on the window catching them in my plants. In fact that "Sucker" sits there and watches me yell at him...(and it is a male). I come out and I'm telling him to get out and behave...he sits up and looks at me with his paws close to his chest..then thinks a minute or two ..I'm so close I could tap him...but I don't and I grab the water hose and let him have it....

Well this morning again..there he was chewing on my Hibiscus like it was lettuce for his BLT...and then I looked he also got my roses that just opened up...OH YOU DEVIL..!   I run out and Zeke is at the screen door letting his presence be known..but did that shake that "sucker" fact he just gave me the "Who the hell are you " ?....

So I did my quick spray...(full force this time) he jumped down with still a green leaf in his choppers and walked away with a little shake or two to rid the water from his butt ....Damn that bugger !

I came in and did a quick search on the trusty (maybe, maybe not) Internet and low and behold a remedy (they say works)  1 TBLSP of Cayenne Pepper and a Spray bottle...fill with water and spray on the plants... now the only hitch was every time it rains or you water the have to re spray...for me..NO BIGGY ..if it works..

Then a flash came to my brain... Mr White the man who owned this house before I bought it..had the most gorgeous roses and had lots and lots of cayenne pepper in the garage...Me who really never grew that kind of stuff  (mine has always been in pots and mainly Orchids) didn't get the picture ...DUH...

My MISSION...after lunch stop in my favorite haunt..Wally World pick up cayenne pepper and a few spray bottles...and we shall see...Called Diane (she's having the same problem too) and she said,  "Get me some of that too" we shall see... (wonder if they'll speak Spanish )....HA !

Be back later...(tap tap tap)

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  1. Zeee, I wanted to let you know that lots of folks at the PA gtg were asking about you yesterday. It was nice to finally meet Beth, Liz, Nan, Irmi and her hubby, and to see Shirl again. They are going to have a wonderful gtg, even if they are all going through Internet and phone withdrawal!

    Can't wait till we GTG later this summer.