Monday, June 1, 2015

It Was A Monday, Alright !

It was a Monday, Alright!..... busy, busy, busy... I tote that barge for sure.. got the trash out and cleaned the frig.. and sat down and took deep breaths.. I mean it was warm out there even at that early hour..OUCH!

Cleaned Ms Shug's cage and she was in one of her wild and crazy modes..OH Thank You Ms Shug....she was a pip!!!...but I got through that...had to do up my meds as I didn't do them on was a oops moment.

Started to put a lot of my plastic containers away.. I could hear the taps play...but I will start to put a lot in vacuum seal bags to travel home that does make it easier for my setup back home.. not like here..

Then the rest of the day I worked on my "New" Coat of many colors, Afghan..and it's the same pattern as Hubby's one but a lighter version thank goodness.. I don't think my hands could deal another one like that..

Annie is somewhat depressed..she's missing her buddy.. the one she always attacks and romps through the she's not sure of what to do..but in a few days I'm sure she'll come around...hopefully..

At night time she comes in bed with me and likes that..and it helps her..although she checks Rudy's cage out daily...I know that empty feeling she is having..but not too much longer and he'll be home ..3 weeks..

Then the long trip home, gosh I dread it in one way..but at least hubby will be coming home at night time sucks for me.. as I enjoy here really.. I get to watch critters and I have all my plants.. at home I don't have that.. as it's impossible to keep plants..for the couple of months I'm home.

Ok I'm tired and tomorrow is gonna be alittle rough for me.. it's one year since I've walked Zeke to cross that bridge.. there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him.. but he is now with the Lord and all his siblings...and one day we'll all be together again... Still have that empty part of my heart that aches..I guess this is just the way our lives go.. my memories of him are wonderful..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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