Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Did I Whip It On Wednesday ?

Did I whip it on Wednesday?  that feeling of gloom...well, kinda sorta, I mean I attempted too...but I'm getting better as I look out my big front windows and enjoy my outside plants and all that enters in my garden...I will manage as I know I'll be returning Lord Willin in Oct..:(

Again my morning was strange... I just seem to lose that get up and go more like get up and went somewhere ..perhaps over the rainbow (as long as it's not the bridge ...ssssshh)...but it's that feeling that I've got to get things packed and close the house down and get ready for the hubby (Robert) to fly in on a mad dash and the wild action begins..step to the side or you may fall..and I've done enough falling thank you very much !

Also thinking about my Rudy, as he will be showing tomorrow through Sunday..which i'll be there to see him on Sunday..too much for me right now to go to Tampa every day..but I'll wait anxiously to hear how he's doing and if he behaved.. this is a big turn for him as he was use to showing with Randy and Rudy is drawn close to the male image..being Jerry played with him as a baby and then my hubby (Robert) also played with him when we got this is a big change for Rudy.. but I do have confidence as Rose works with him and gives him that one on one attention..bonding..

Later today we had a Whopper of a storm blow in.. goodness it got so black I started to worry and the winds came in strong..then the power went off and so did my phone and internet.. TV went out with the we sat back and just curled up and waited for it to pass..

I did switch on my cell phone on it's own power and checked the was scary...but thank goodness it was fast..however the power was out for an hour..and then after that I went out and fed the birds...they swooped down as soon as I moved away from the feeder..

Got everyone fed and I just relaxed.. when I get tense like that with those takes me awhile to get it back together.. that's usually when I get a slight hit from Angina... and I did.. but again I rested and prayed I didn't have to use any meds..

Tonight I did up some ground chicken patties for Annie.. from the boneless skinless chicken thighs.. she really is doing much better with her tummy.. and I don't worry now with her not chewing..that always freaked me out.. this is safer..and as soon as Rudy is able too, I will also put him on the ground chicken as well.. perhaps do a mixture of pork, chicken and beef.. with his kibble..

Annie got her night snack..some rice with pumpkin and a ground charcoal biscuit.. she loves it and it does well for her too.. now she's waiting till I give her the OK, to come into bed..that happens when it's lights out.. she's really a great sleeper now..gets her spot and out she goes...

So it's that time for me to say..."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All "..:)

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