Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh YeahI It's Monday :(~

Oh Yeah! It's Monday :(~.... this day has always been a tough go..we get up with a..Crap! It's Monday attitude and the rest of the crap day follows..and for me it was a race day.. like I was running at's a New York Term...and you run that race too..

Got up, got Annie and Shug fed..watered the plants and gave fresh clean water to the birds in the bird you know I have visitors daily taking their baths.. these crows are so big and they do so enjoy that plunge..the whole troop.

I got out and went on over to Walmart as I needed to get the chicken for Rudy and Annie and had to pick up a few things as well..a few things they were out of like my vacuum seal bags..good thing I had two boxes under the counter.. I stock up on them when they are in as I do a lot of that with Rudy and Annie..

Got home and I was so glad as the heat index was over 100 and it felt it too..On days like that here I get my crap done in the morning and just lay out or should I say, "Veg out".. and that's what I did..

I need to pick up that Afghan and get that finished only lack two stripes..then I need to weave in ends with the other Afghan and start working on finished the ends on all those dish rags..ugh!!!

MOst my day I was just leaning back and put up Rudy's chicken so I can bring that to Rose on Sunday also need to make sure I pack his Heart Worm Meds and Flea Meds as well and pick up 2 bags of kibble..the car is gonna be packed again LOL

So tonight I did the Viggle thingy...and now I'm up to 300K points..I'm getting there ...and watched a little TV ..So You think you can dance..and now I'm ready to call it a night and Miss Annie got her night snack and she is now in bed..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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