Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now Tuesday Was No Better !

Now Tuesday was no better !... The trash was still out at the curb and the power wash guy never came back... although like I said, "he did show up Monday morning before 8am and was suppose to come back between noon and 1pm..

So here we are no call, no show..but I did call the office and finally they sent a truck in and picked up around 1pm..and again another day goes by... hot and muggy and I had my toe throbbing..

Got some things done but didn't care if I did or didn't...but I kept my foot up when I could and I did finish that afghan..came out really nice ...love the colors..like the lilacs..

My day was kind of drawn out but I wasn't gonna attempt to even change it..as long as I was feeling ok, that's what mattered..and there's always tomorrow..

Watched some TV and Viggled ..a new thing..but hey, get points and get things without spending money..just for clicking on programs and adds..no big deal..have to watch them anyway..LOL

Now I'm ready for bed.. my toe looks like a plum..and as soon as it stops throbbing I'll be happy..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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