Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ok, I'm Stiff On Thursday

Ok, I'm stiff on Thursday...woke up and wow is me ..LOL  I was sure stiff..didn't think I would be ...but surprises always in for yah....I could barely move my arms and my chest was like I was hit with a as soon as I got Miss Annie and Ms Shug fed and cleaned and watered my outside plants I was in my chair just a knitting...

Also this morning my hubby, Robert, was going to the U of Pa to have that needle biopsy done.. and I made sure I called him at 4:45am to get him up as Mike, the minister and who is also a male nurse was going with Robert.. I was sure happy about that..

So I knitted and knitted till the phone rang and I heard the results.. so...the Pathologist felt that the cells looked benign, and was even shocked that Robert's tumor had shrunk about 20% ... that's when Mike told the Doc, "You need to believe in the power of prayer".. She nodded...but she double and triple checked those results and just shook her head..

Most of the day I really was just not doing much.. but it's not like I'm not moving.. I still have to let Miss Annie out and clean up and then come back in and fix lunch for Annie and Ms Shug.. and clean up the mess Ms Shug makes as she likes to share her food.. good thing I have those puppy pads.. I buy the extra long and wide ones..sure helps me out.

I did manage to get in a nap, as by 2pm I was really sleepy.. so me and Miss Annie and even Shug closed our eyes.. felt good..and I took some Tylenol and hope for the best tomorrow.. but I should start to get a little loose..

I started to give Miss Annie now ground chicken in her food as I had to stop with the whole chicken thigh..she just was not chewing and woofing it down.. so again, more work for me.. I buy the chicken thigh boneless cut it up and then pop it in my Ninja and grind up patties.. just like I do with Rudy and the pork..

Yes! I have more plastic.. you open my frig and there is Ms Shug's setups, Rudy's set up and now Miss Annies.. OMG!!  do I have my hands full.. I just add more work.. well it sure does keep me busy and active...of course my vocabulary is increasing ...

Now I'm ready for bed and I'm looking up how to increase a pattern I like to make it wider.. Yes I know add more stitches but it's a design so I'm not that gifted so I have to figure how to do this.. but in the meantime I'm working on that pretty lilac afghan.. it's sure lacy..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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