Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Ready On Tuesday :)

I'm ready on Tuesday :) for the guy to come and power wash the house and clean gutters..get the house looking cleaner on the outside...and even get my windows washed...I'm sure it will sparkle LOL

Morning again, I'm on an attempt to get more things packed away.. well, the thought is good..but not sure how much I'll get through... once the temp climbs I'm on the down hill slope..

I watch every afternoon the biggest crows I ever did see ..they come and take their afternoon bath and I'm telling ya they enjoy it and I'm smiling watching them...

Annie is kind of settling down somewhat although she still looks for Rudy and so do I ... I sure hope he gets his act together so he can come home...I really never wanted to have another show dog..not only because the cost is ridiculous but him not being home.. SUCKS !

However, Rose is really great with him and cares and that to me is well worth it..but like I said, "I'm not into this anymore, but I'm keeping my promise"..wonder how many other people would have ?????

I'm almost finished with my Afghan and today I also made a decision to leave a group.. I'm not into cliques and when there is one, I really don't like it.. I don't like seeing other people ignored and so for me.. I like including everyone..

As you can tell I'm not into Social Who's Who...and if all are not treated equal well then I'm history rather than blow up and speak how I feel..not worth the nonsense..I do like a lot of the people so I'll just leave it at that.

Now I've also been Viggling..LOL  get points for watching shows and at the end you can cash in for some decent rewards..so why not.. and it's kind of neat but wow a lot of knowing what's worth it.. but I'm learning  and when it's free..hey we all like free stuff :)

So it's my bed time and I'm glad too.. tomorrow I have to write my list and get things done.. I'm in a slump..so a big push and Get Er Done ...

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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