Friday, June 19, 2015

I Splashed On Friday...:)

I splashed on Friday :)  sure did !  It was hotter than hatties too..and I got out around 10ish and then stopped by the vet's office picked up flea meds for Annie and Rudy then hit Publix..then stopped in at Sparr's bought the Kibble and cookies and left it there for Saturday late in the afternoon this way I won't have to unload and reload my car..have to stop at CVS too..and then home..

Morning again being it was gonna be another hot one I tried to get my chores done way was I wanting out at noon time..but I did manage to get home by 11:30pm...and that was my day...

Got Miss Annie settled after she had a bout with the howls ..she doesn't like being left and she's so use to traveling with she comes if I'm just gonna pick up my mail or going for a Hardee's but with it being so hot I don't like to take her out much..

So hopefully she'll settle down as I really don't want to take her to the dog show..I'm gonna leave around 6:30am takes about an hour to get there not really sure where I'm going but I'll use my handy dandy travel mate..LOL

Tomorrow I just have to go over my list making sure I've got everything ready for Sunday morning..also I will only feed Ms Shug and Miss Annie will get a cookie..I'll feed her when I get back..she will be pissed I'm sure..

I will be only gone about 4 to 5 hours and she will be fine.. I mean if I had a Doc appointment I'd be gone that long too.. plus I always stopped at the store on the way home..

Yes!  I'll be a worry wart..because of my nature..but being home in AC better than worrying about letting my car run while I go inside..that don't work for me..:(

Most of the day I was just putting things up and starting to make a list of what's coming back home with me to Pa..sure gonna be missing that big lug.. only one brat plus a feathered brat..OMG..this will be something new for me.. in all my years..

Now we are ready for bed and I will need another good night sleep.. one thing.. Miss Annie is certainly getting to be a great sleeping partner..oh I hear the thunder..YIKES..!

Those traveling Stay SAfe and as always God Bless Us All..

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