Monday, June 22, 2015

What A Messed Up Day Monday Was :)~

What a messed up day Monday was :)~....

Started off with the guy that was to Power Wash the house came like 8am and was suppose to be here at I asked him how come so early ..but ok if he wanted to do it..then he replied , "I'll come back at 1pm then ..if that would be ok..." ?

Well, then I dragged my trash out to the my yard done and washed the dog patio and then fed Annie and Ms Shug...then I tried to gather up all my laundry...

Then I sat down to have some breakfast and nope toast, no corn muffin..but there was Strawberry Shortcake..HOLY CRAP... and I had that for breakfast...

So as laundry was going I cleaned Ms Shug's cage..she's such a putz..but I got that done she had to be out and give me my what fors and then where ever I was she had to be...Parrot on my Shoulder..!!!

Then it was time for Miss Annie to be back out ..where was my time for FREEDOM...not today...then it was lunch Annie her cookie and Shug her mixture of fruit and veggies..I again had another piece of..YOU GOT IT !!

Hello, where's my PowerWash Guy ?????? 1pm...2pm....3pm....4pm....5pm...uh oh..where's my Trash Men ???????  Hello Momma...I done got dune again..!!! called the Security and the last trash truck that means come tomorrow I call the front office ...bitch and have a truck come in and pick it up cause I ain't dragging it back in...Too Bad !!!

Oh, and my PowerWash Guy..didn't show up nor call...SUCKS...but I do know it was HOTTER than BLAZZES...but he called before why not now ????/ We'll see if he comes tomorrow with a good excuse..(I do need my house washed )

So then I fell into the state of... Chit always happens to I knitted on that afghan now I only have 3patterns to go plus 4 rows..and it should be fininshed all but for the weaving in on the ends..

Now I'm ready for bed..and hopefully a good night sleep... So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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