Friday, June 12, 2015

It Was Up And At Em On Friday

It was up and at em' on Friday....however, my at em' didn't show up.. I think it went some where over the rainbow...I did wake up at 3am and then came out and lay down on the couch..forgot to call hubby to wake him up instead he called me on his way to work..HELLO THERE :)

Rudy was shown again today.. he got Reserve Again..Oops I didn't tell you Thursday he got Reserve also.. any way he showed a lot better but picked up another new habit... looking around..guess he wants to see if anyone is watching him...but he's showing and that's we'll see what tomorrow brings in..

Today because I didn't have a great night and I was so off, I just paced myself and when I got tired I sat down..getting done but not as fast as I'd like..but I'm getting there too...

Robert's flight is booked for the 2nd of July and will arrive here around midnight..and most likely he'll sleep all day the next big deal .. in fact that's why I wanted him to come down earlier so he could lay back and relax before our journey home.

I did manage to grind more chicken up for when I go shopping I need to pick up several more package for her...also I need to pick up chicken for Rudy...

Made a decision to leave Rudy with Rose while we go back home so he can be shown and hopefully get his title..he's starting to bond with her and if I take him back we might be going through all this when I come the best way is to leave him and get him either when I come back or when she comes up to Ohio and he's finished.. I sure will miss the big guy..and so will Annie.

Now I'm like just trying to get the rest of my chores all done and I need to start getting a little more energy...Lord knows I need it.. then hopefully Clancy will let me know who is going to take care of my plants.. this also worries me...I'll be so glad when my friend Mary moves down..I've already hired her to take care of the plants and check the house..

So with that.. I'm heading to bed brain is tired and that means I'm tripping over my fingers hahaha...dragging would be I'm slurring my words hahaha

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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