Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Day Of Nothingness On Sunday

A day of Nothingness on by that I mean..No Hard Labor..but I still have to do my normal chores..and so they got done..and so was I.

Morning was a Hot One..and as soon as I got done letting Miss Annie out.. I chilled out..did water my plants and clean the bird bath so my darling Crows could have a clean bath and my Cardinals had clean water before all stopped in to have theirs too..hahaha

Changed my Hummers feeder might do one more before hubby comes and then we get ready for the road trip back home.. boy that's gonna be a rough one with out my Rudy ... I sure miss him..but I know Rose is giving him a lot of attention and he's playing with his cousins LOL

Miss Annie is Queen BEEEE...and I do mean that..she bosses or tries to anyway ME...but not for long..but she is a sweetie and great company too.. Ms Shug is also getting much more closer to me..until Robert comes in on Friday..

My toe is coming along not so purple anymore and I'm starting to get that feeling of missing my home here.. it's not that I don't want to go home..but now home is here for me with all my critters and I have peace here.. I mean no traffic when I go to the stores and I can just relax.. watch nature..that's the most enjoyable thing for me... I think of my Grandmother and how she's be loving it here..

Well, tomorrow I have to really step it up a notch and gather more of my stuff together and put more away.. it's difficult because I am always working with setups for myself so my work load is not over bearing...but I have to start putting all that away and make sure hubby has that frig cleaned so I can have all these veggies and meats I have to put away..

Oh well, here will be another wild and crazy ride..and of course the long days waiting for him to come home to fix dinner..these are things that I have to now change back to his style.. UH OH..hahaha..

So now it's bed time and I'm so ready.. the heat was a whopper and the body needs to relax and sleep.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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