Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alrighty Mighty It's Wednesday

Alrighty mighty it's Wednesday and I'm still huffing and puffing but getting some things done..not much mind you as I have a lot of interruptions..called attacks of lazy dazy days..

Morning again was ..ok, I'm up and I've got to write a list so I can get going in the right direction...seems without it I stray...right to the couch LOL...nah!  I just do the wrong things and then I turn around and look I need to get those things done and they are piling up.

Was a hot one too.. I mean stepping outside was a really slow process ..takes my breath away and when I come back's like freezing although I never turn the temp down's the same setting since I came in the house in Oct..both winter and summer..same setting..

Did manage to make a shopping list as I have to get things ready to take with me to Orlando on Sunday to see Rudy and give Rose all of the food I have left here for the big boy.. sure am missing him.. I'm praying he starts getting his act together and pays attention to get going and gather them points so he can come home.. you know.."home is where the heart is " :)

Miss Annie has sure been sucking up the attention and is getting better although when I say that she looks at me and look she I'm saying it in print no longer vocal LOL

Robert went to see the Doc in Philly and they are all surprised how his tumor is shrinking...YES!  Shrinking and they want to do a study on him as they can't explain it..without radiation or medication... so God is sure good and all those prayers sure help...

Now I'm beat and tomorrow I've got to put some steam on and get my stuff done and go to the store and pick up only what I need..close my eyes as somedays I could buy anything LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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