Saturday, June 13, 2015

What A Saturday

What a Saturday....started off waking up again wee early then from their my thoughts were on my Rudy as he was showing again today... Last two days he was having problems...not that he didn't go around the ring ok..but standing for examination ...he was not happy...then that day he got Reserve...the next day which would be Friday he stood ok, went around ok...but it was like he had ADD..his head was looking all around..any noise or movement he'd follow with his head..again he got Reserve..

Well this morning a little after 9am my phone rang and it was Rose..letting me know how Rudy did...which by the way she never calls me usually tested and then we'd talk later in the day..not this morning..and I thought ..OMG! now what did he heart was in my mouth and I heard her say, "He Won, I got to go"...hahaha...

I took a deep breath and I could feel the tears come down my cheek..YES!  Now I couldn't wait to hear all about it..but I had to call my hubby and Jerry, one of Rudy's breeders as Nancy his wife was at the show and Kim was also at the show..HELLO THERE..Then I called my hubby and then my friends.. I was so was like my very first..

I guess it also was because I was so worried.. I just wanted him not to be frightened and show..didn't care about winning..although we all like to win..but it was I wanted him to work with Rose..this was all new to him and he had a bad experience before with being ill and confusion..

So that started my morning and I just glowed the day through and I felt a huge load leave me.. now for him to continue on this path of liking it..and wanting to compete... Dogs do get that attitude..they like the thrill as well..once they like it !

Hubby was home fixing our fence..and I thought..Oh NO !!  it's hot and he's doing it by himself.. so I called to check on him and just remind him..doesn't have to be done in a day..take your time plus we will only have Annie home and he can still work on it once we get home.. now I worry about him ..don't get hurt..Lord help us !!!

Tomorrow Rudy shows again..and it will be at 9am they go on ..and it will be after 10am that I will hear anything ..and of course I'll be praying he just shows as well as he did today...then we get a break till next weekend..and we do this all over again..but this time I will be going to the show..

I need to bring Rudy's food and heart worm med and flea med as I won't see him till he's finished..Good Gravy the house is gonna feel so strange..LOL..but I know he will be in good hands and anything wrong I know Rose will do the right thing also she will be in contact with me..that makes me feel better although my heart will miss the big boy...he's such a gentle giant..

So my day was buzzing with excitement and also missing giving him a big hug..but I have Annie and she is such a hoot..she keeps me popping..hahaha..but she's been a lover who knows ..this might also be good for her..but I pity Rudy when he comes home...She's gonna give him what for !!

Ok, I'm tired and tomorrow I have to go to the store but after my phone with that..Those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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