Thursday, June 11, 2015

Out With The Trash On Thursday

Out with the trash on Thursday I went LOL...again like I keep saying and so hard to believe...that I feel like Santa's helper taking my trash out... where does it all come from..only me, two dawgs and a bird...not just any bird..a Ms Shug !!

By the time I get back inside I'm huffing and puffing and I ain't blowing any house down....I can barely speak ! I take me a few minutes break and then it's on to the next level..

This morning I was hyped as Rudy was being shown for the first time with a new handler for him..and she's really sweet and loves the she's had Rudy all week and they have been working out pretty good...but being at the show I was somewhat nervous..

So I counted the moments and then I got her text..Rudy got reserve and then later on she contacted me to tell me what was happening with Rudy... his nerves got to him.. he moved ok, but she had problems stacking him.. he would lean into her and then not want her to touch him to setup.. WoW is me..he needs work and re assurance that no one is gonna do anything to him...

That kind of upset me..but the last show which was in January circuit I was not a happy camper..not one bit of how he showed and acted and also the mass confusion and to top that off him being sick too..

I didn't really want to be back into the dog shows as me not being able to show my own dog..but I agreed to it in the purchase of Rudy so I am a person of my word, so here I am now back into this game...and not being able to help drives me bonkers..

I have faith in Rose that she will be able to turn this situation around and get Rudy on the right again tomorrow I'll wait to hear how he does..I pray he'll improve slowly and realize he'll be ok..

Sucks ! ...However, life does go on in the big city...and Rudy is young thank goodness so lots of things can change..and making it fun is the most important part of it...

My day kind of dragged after that news and I was just gonna take it easy and give Miss Annie and Ms Shug their attention..but my mind was elsewhere..

Tonight I watched a little TV, not much really as I was looking up some data for another project...almost finished with this latest afghan and then I need to step it up and get my house done..

I have set up for the house to get power washed next Tuesday then I need to set up for Suter to come out and service my AC/Heat Pump then arrange to have DirecTV turned off and also Bright House too for when we leave for Pa..

Time is sure flying now and soon we will be loading up the rig to head out on the highway.. YIKES...but yep, it will be here before I know it..

Robert is scheduled to fly down on the 2nd of July in the evening so that will give us an extra day to get more done and together..thank goodness..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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