Friday, June 26, 2015

A Mad Dash To No Where On Friday

A mad dash to no where on Friday....well, I did start off to go somewhere and got there...but that was about all...

Morning was ....I gotta get to's not my favorite place to go ..but I was on a mission and I needed to pick up just a few things as really Robert (hubby) will be here next Friday....

So I got Annie fed and Ms Shug and then took my pills got dressed and out the door I to Walmart and got my usual parking spot and pulled in..put my foot on the brake, put the car in Park...took my foot off the brake and I was rolling backwards ?????? WHAT>>>>???????

Yeppers, so I then put the gear in drive to move up ..but I didn't move up I still went backwards..put my foot on the brake and UH OH!  I realized I could not get the car to go in drive or park was locked in reverse...OH HOW NICE....

So I turned the key off and stepped on the emergency brake and hit that blue botton..ON STAR to my Rescue !!  and they truly do too....they dispatched a tow truck and called the Chevy Dealer I use in Wildwood..

They told me the tow truck would be there in 45 I hopped out into Walmart and got a few things..but they didn't have my tapestry needle..which is what I needed...then got back out into the car windows open as it was hot..but of course..

Tow truck pulled up and he helped me climb into his rig...Big Step Up!!  and he hoisted up the car and away we went.. I had called ahead and asked about renting a car while mine would be in the shop...

Got there and everyone was happy to see me...Cha Ching !!... but seriously the girls in there are really sweet and they know me as I get my car serviced there.. and Paul, got me a car to use .. and away I drove..

Later in the day, Paul called again and said, "Car will be done tomorrow" so I didn't go anywhere just stayed home and knitted on the new afghan and the rest is history.. will find out what everything has costed me...but hey, it's only money and I can't take it with me  LOL

I'm tired and ready for bed.. just brain fried and some what disgusted ..but it is what it is... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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