Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Much Much Better Saturday :)

A much, much better Saturday..:)...although I didn't go anywhere but to pick up my car and bring her back home..woo hoo!!!.... It was the shift cable ...thank goodness and only cost $276....could have been worse and they had the part in stock..another thank you Lord !!!...

Woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep..guess it was anticipation ...wondering is this was gonna knock my socks we all have had those happenings..

Miss Annie has been really good ..although I know she's lonely and keeps looking out the window..she misses that big lug...and so do I...I sure hope and pray he gets his act together and comes out kickin arse !!

Most of the day I sat and waited for the call and did a few things not much as when I let Miss Annie out at was hot and muggy...Lord help I only did a few things and then sat back and knitted on that new sure is coming out purrrrty :)

Then when I went and picked up the car I was gonna go shopping at Publix for a few things..but I thought...I can wait.. and come out on Sunday morning when stores are not packed.. and with the heat.. I didn't think I'd last that long ..I mean I was dragging and breathing was heavy..

I did my Viggle thingy and I maxed out a little after 1pm..not bad..and then I just leaned back with Miss Annie as she was wanting some attention..she got her lunch along with Ms Shug..whom by the way is now enjoying hers with me.. and starting to snuggle and give me kisses..till Robert comes next Friday then I'll be dust in the wind LOL

Ok, it's bed time..and I need to get a good night it's Hi Ho and off to Slumber land I go..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always.....God Bless Us All.

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