Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Roundup on Tuesday

Roundup on Tuesday...as I attempted to gather more of those things called plastic containers... I hummed the "fair thee well " tune...till next October...I was gloomy...but I managed another box filled..

Morning for me was a drag to get up.. I wound up staying up too late..don't know why but it was close to 11:30pm before this ole gal jumped in that bed..and me and Miss Annie didn't get up till 5:45am..she was as bad as I was and Ms Shug probably was wondering.."Where are they" ????

Most of the day I was in an out of the "What's next and where do I go from here"..but I made it to the end..thank goodness...but I did get a sneaky hit of angina..something I don't do much of..thank God...but it came on and stayed for a bit so I rested.

I also have been noticing my urges of hunger lately..something I'm not normally doing but for the last two days...Open the Frig and get out of my way hahaha...it's a fact Jack!!

Tonight I watched America's Got Talent..a show that has so many strange but some interesting acts..and some really awesome..from one extreme to another but you know, we need those type shows..

Now I'm ready for bed.. Miss Annie finished her night snack and she'll be hoping in bed and it's lights out and on to tomorrow...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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