Monday, June 29, 2015

Hop To It On Monday !

Hop to it on Monday !...Got up early and started a few things laundry and putting more plastic in boxes...Where does it all come from.. "The Plastic Factory"...LOL

Got everyone fed and I sat down finally for my coffee and toast and to listen to the news while I catch my breath...Took Miss Annie for a quick run to the mail box to send off my semi annual O&M so that's done for the rest of the year..

Then came back and took a quick run to Publix..picked up a few things and back home and it was lunch time..OMG..where does the time fly ????  but fed everyone lunch and then decided I was gonna take a quick run to Kentucky Fried...big mistake their food was awful..Oh well...won't I ever learn..make it myself..

Most of the day it was so hot and muggy you could barely what I had too..didn't vacuum as that would make too much work.. and as hot as it was..even with the air going.. I just will do it in the morning hours..

Then afternoon was through and before I knew it ..Dinner time..Again here we go.. everyone got theirs and I had Ms Shug out as after dinner she comes out and gives me her "what for".. and she's out till about 7:30pm.. then it's Annies turn... you see one in and one out..

Watched and Viggled..Maxed out (12K pts) and then my night was over..and here I the computer getting ready for bed..Dish Washer is doing her job..thank you !!!  Miss Annie is gnawing her bone..and life is good..!!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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