Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Didn't Go Fishin On Thursday :)

I didn't go fishin on Thursday :)  Nope!  I had several things I wanted to get done today and only one got completed.. I had my plans (always in Jello) and when CVS called and said, "My scripts would be ready tomorrow "  well I thought to myself.. why go out today when I can get it all done tomorrow..

That sounded great right ????  well, later in the day the pharmacist calls and lets me know that the script won't be ready till that meant I could have gotten a lot of things done but didn't..

Morning is always a hoot here as Miss Annie is now being a "lady"  (i'm sure just for a short time ) and Ms Shug is being the "BRAT" and then there's me..who by the way is the "Saint" hahahaha... I thought I would just put that in there...NO WAY :)~

So I worked on that Afghan that I should have gotten done but didn't.. so I guess you might say, "I'm procrastinating.."   Big Time...and my clock is running out of time as the hubby will be here July 2nd midnight..hmmm might turn into a pumpkin hahahaha..

Most of the day... by the way it was a scorcher..and only went out to water plants and feed birds and pick up the deposits Miss Annie left me.. :(..and then back in the house sucking up the AC...

But I did do up Miss Annie's chicken.. I ground with my little Ninja 3lbs of chicken thighs and wrapped them in press and seal then put them in a container then into the freezer...and I've got 6 more lbs to do ..but I'll do that in a couple of days..need to empty the freezer..which I will on Sunday as I take Rudy's food to Rose..

Now I did Viggle tonight and my Ipad was giving me the "what fors" and I have to figure out why ..but right now I'm ready for bed..will call Dawn back and then it's tuck in for the night and on the road tomorrow to do that shopping I needed to get done today..ugh !!

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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