Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On A Whim, On Wednesday

On A Whim, on that I mean..perhaps my Power Washer guy will show up ????? but the long and short of it... He didn't :(

Morning again was steaming hot as I got up and dragged my body out the door sore toe and all... I don't think Miss Annie even wanted to go..but she had too...kind of nature thing !!!

Sat down and took my inhaler as I could hardly catch my breath..the air is so thick...which means .."Stay inside today"... and I did..after I watered my plants cleaned the bird bath some my wild birds could have fresh water and a clean crows come daily...they know a good thing LOL

Did a few of my setups up for Ms Shug and still have more to do tomorrow ...just moving like a slug...too hot to even think..and Miss Annie is really missing am I ...but it is what it is..:()

I started on my 3rd Afghan ..this one will be in shades of's looking good too and I increased the width a few more inches..I love the pattern easy to work on and I like the fact you make a border along with it in the pattern... nice and easy and only have to weave in the ends..

A storm rolled in later this afternoon.. a whopper of one ..lost phone and internet but Directv was up in no time.. when the cloud passes ..back it comes..but the other service took about an hour..

Tonight watched Big Brother.. not sure how this is gonna play out..but we'll see and played my Viggle and maxed out with 12K points and the best part is I don't know how I acquired them LOL...but with this.. when you rack up points you can get nice I'm watching I might as well earn the FREE word :)

Now it's bed time Miss Annie is gnawing on her bone and soon it will be lights out... hope her jaws get tired LOL..she had her snack..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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