Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Quiet Sunday

A quiet Sunday....and it sure was .... Miss Annie was missing her big brother Rudy... she was so sad and I tried to play with her a bit..but boy you can tell she really was down in the dumps.. I think it will take her a few days and she'll bounce back.. I hope 

Most of the day I really just did only what I had to but took it easy.. I kind of needed it.. felt drained ...and I realize I only have 5 1/2 weeks left before we head home..

I can't believe the time flew by ... and so it is.. in our lives.. I keeps saying, "Do things while you can, cause life just passes us by before we know it..."   Sucks for sure..

This time when we head home  I'll meet up with my RV Sistah Paulette and stop at Mary's and stay over night ...and soon Mary will be my neighbor..that will be neat..then we head home to Philly and again we head out to meet up with my Nieces..... I can't wait for that.. it's been so long overdue

I started another Afghan but this time it will be one of many colors..use up my skeins of yarn I had extra from other afghans I made.. so this will be like the song ..only Aghans of many colors..:)

Now I'm ready for bed for tomorrow is Trash day and clean frig too and start to get this house in some kind of order..also have to make a fresh pot of coffee and do a pot of rice up.. soon it will be Ms Shug's setups on veggies..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

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