Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dawg Tired On Sunday

Dawg tired on Sunday.... we (me and Miss Annie) were on the road by 5:30am ..on the way to the dog show to see Rudy... talk about rushing around.. Got Ms Shug fed and I didn't feed Annie..took her water and big cookies with so she could have a snack as I wasn't staying all day..and Rotties were on early..

Car was loaded late Saturday with the dry food and in the wee hours of the morning I loaded the frozen food..Holy Hannah.. again my arms grew..LOL  we got out and hit the open road..

Got to the show grounds and parked behind Rose's rig and she helped me unload and she put everything up.. then we walked into the building and she had a crate there for Miss Annie... and I was so impressed with Annie..she was good !...but she did get excited to see Rudy...her partner in crime..the big lug !!

As for the show.. well, my Rudy showed great but the judge only saw one person ...gave him everything... so what can you say..."politics is in everything"...but one thing I was pissed about..that said handler..showed dogs that were sick.. vomiting and diarrhea..and to me that is disgraceful..and not right for everyone and the poor the ribbon that important ????

Got home and I was wiped out..long drive, long day and I just took a nap..Miss Annie was right along side of me...and then dinner time I went and got Chinese..didn't feel like cooking ..but we all ate and then here I sit..ready for bed cause tomorrow I have a busy day again..

Not only trash day but the guy is coming to power wash my house..and I've got to do some serious cleaning...OY !!!

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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