Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Few Surprises On Tuesday

A few surprises on Tuesday.....Now you know I'm always good for a few laughs no matter how you look at it...and this day was one of those..OMG!! 

Morning goings on is always a winner..Miss Annie got into the newspaper and there were tiny bits everywhere...but it happened while I was in the room and on the phone...:)~

I got a call from the Power Wash Guy.. (you all remember him?) well he had a problem..his phone some how erased all the numbers so he was calling to apologize and set up an appointment to do my home...LOL  It is what it is in Florida is all I can say .:)

So after I got off the phone Miss Annie must have heard the conversation and decided to throw a parade..hahaha.. but Ms Shug was screaming too.. yes!  I lost my control and burst out laughing and then after I vacuumed up that disaster I had to take a break.. a big break LOL

Later in the day.. I got another winning call..(this one be prepared...don't have any liquids around ..just in case :) )...it was a collection agency ????? yeah???? Like why me ??? dunno but it was my lucky day.. any way ..make a long story short ..she was asking me.."if I was me and could I prove it ???? she needed my info before she could recite her poem. Of course I told her NO WAY.. and I would call them back.. she had to get the Supervisor on the phone and I called back but I googled just to make sure who they were..

Then we got into the crust of the call.. It appears that back in 2013 when I was in the hospital I was sent a bill and never paid it...?????  I explained.. any bills I received were paid and I had proof of that.. but for some reason they claim, my insurance company denied this one... HMMMM  so I gave her my old insurance number and she tried to call them but only got a claim number..

So then I asked what was this bill for ? .. Now hold on to your hats..

She responded.. "This was for the E R Doctor who treated me for my "Spontaneous Abortion"... I heard my self bust out laughing.. and again I asked, "What was that "?... she again responded..."My Spontaneous Abortion".. in other words folks my "Miscarriage"..hahahaha..

I then said to her, "Ma'm, do you know how old I am "?... she probably couldn't understand that question.. as there was a blank.. so then I explained... "You see, I at that date was 70 years old.. and it would have to have been the "Immaculate Conception"... I had had a Radical Hysterectomy in 2007 also..

I heard nothing for a bit then I heard her bust up laughing... Me too!!  Now serisouly I  know I was gasping as I laughed so hard... but hey, it was a good one.. then she suddenly said, "Oh, I'm so sorry"... hahaha.. "for what " I asked ?... the "Spontaneous Response "  hahaha..

It was such a funny day.. it was one of those classics..can it get any better..???? who knows..but I can't wait for tomorrow.. Lord knows what will happen next..

So that's my story for today... Hope and pray all goes well for the next few days..no more shockers please hahaha...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.. 

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