Monday, June 8, 2015

My Trash Day, Monday

My trash day Monday....and I was ready for it too.. I mean I had so much...but I want to know...How does 1 person acquire so much ???? I mean I always feel like Santa's helper..hahaha

Again I got up wee early..not sure why..perhaps I'm a tab bit nervous as my Rudy is being shown this week.. I know he's in good hands...however, I just always worry... it's my big boy has been having some training and his handler, Rose, really does a great job..I just hope and pray he behaves and those two work together..

Got up and dragged me ole bones into the kitchen...I'm not as achy but I will say this, the other night after taking my shower I got a good look at my bruises..HOLY MACKERAL... my right boob looks like an Eggplant ...NO CHIT!

Didn't realize I got such a whack..but when I think of it.. I fell smack dab right on my chest.. I mean like lean me forward with force will ya ...LOL  so now I best stop that crap.. seems like once a year I'm in for a about a fall for my hubby when he comes down.. instead of the ground ...PUHLEEEEEEEEZ!!!

Packed up one box of plastic.. yes! I cried a few tears...but I've got more to go and I need to start getting myself in some action.. I mean one box does not make a dent..but it is a start....but I need to do more than those little chores..

I did clean out the frig and also did grind up some chicken for Miss Annie.. she no longer gets with bones cause she don't chew..she gulps and that scares me.. so now I buy boneless skinless chicken thighs and eventually I'll put Rudy on it too..but he needs the calcium and marrow.. and he does chew !!!

My little Ninja does a great job ..I do up a few days at a time..but eventually I'll do a few weeks at a time.. perhaps when I get back down in Oct..right now this does ok for me..with all my setups going.. I'm telling ya that plastic does come in handy.. from Ms Shug and her breakfast veggies, her lunch and dinner.. Rudy and Annie's Breakfast and Dinner... lunch they get that big Lunch Cookie.. things are coming along..

I have setups after setups.. no chit.. I mean to tell you.. Robert keeps saying, "write it all down"....hahaha.. but he'd never follow it.. maybe a few things but not all.. one week and he'd say, "Screw this".. hahaha.. it does keep me busy maybe that's why I can't get all my other chit done..

I am getting Ms Shug to eat a few more different things...she's a tough bird and spoiled.. like the book says, "they are like two years olds "  she throws fits every now and then if she don't get her way.. like tonight she got pissed at me and starting her chanting... now that's the time I can send her flying through the air... jet propelled too !!!

Watched a few shows tonight.. like that So you think you can dance.. there are some talented young bones ached after watching a few of them.. I can tell them this.. when they get old.. look out her comes some heavy arthritis ..I know, been there ..

So now it's time for bed and I'm ready to let Miss Annie out from her crate as she devoured her night time snack.. some rice, pumpkin and crushed charcoal, mint, parsley cookie...yeah she's spoiled too..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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