Saturday, June 6, 2015

What A Race On Saturday :)

What a race on Saturday :)  got to watch the Triple Crown be taken..woo hoo..

Morning for me again is busy.. this morning I wasn't really sore..just a little achy...but I got through it..and I really just did a little more ..not much .. didn't want to push it as tomorrow I've got a lot to catch up on.. and start storing things and putting things up.

Have to figure on what I'm taking back as well..and we'll most likely leave the big freezer on as only being gone a few months but then again that's playing by ear..

Miss Annie is finally settling into not finding Rudy...she's been really missing him and so have I...but I know in a few weeks he'll be home and then we shove off to Pa..the LONG LONG RIDE HOME...

Exciting part about it.. I'll be with hubby and then we'll be spending a long weekend visiting my nieces..that's gonna be terrific..I am so looking forward to it...just wished my sister was alive to be there with us..but I know she'll be there in spirit..

My plants are looking so good.. I'm worried as I'm hoping that Clancy does get someone to take care of them till he comes back.. I've worked so hard to bring them back from almost losing them... YIKES..

I'll be so glad when Mary moves down as I already told her.."she has a job".. she's happy cause she'll make some extra spending money and it will also keep her busy.. and I know she'll do it.. Mary is good about that..

So now it's bed time.. and I can tell you ..come 9pm I'm ready.. thought I'd never say that..but I'm up at 5am and the day is come night time I'm barely keeping my eyes open..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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