Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Wishful Wednesday

A wishful Wednesday..... again I made a run to Walmart to find that tapestry needle and NOPE!  they had everything else but looks like I'll have to get one when I'm back home or is hubby will drive me over to the JoAnn's shop which is near Sam's club...way other side of town.. I can give him the sorrowful eye routine ..but really I can do it when I get home..just that I made this Afghan for someone and I wanted to get it to her to cheer her up..

Morning for me..again, like I know some can't imagine but hectic..I have a routine I do and if that goes day goes as well.. I'm kind of limited on my pushing to the metal routine.. I have to get things done early or I'm done for..

Talked with hubby and tomorrow night he'll be here around midnight.. now that's wonderful and I sure hope he will relax a few days and then the madness begins.. the long drive home is the killer takes me a few days to get it together ..but I do pace myself..

Only thing is .. my Rudy is not with us.. now that will be a strange it is Miss Annie is really missing her partner..she so loves to play and with's short spurts I can't keep up with her.. but she is being really pretty good with me...every once in a while she gives me that look and takes off like a bat out of hell... I just sit and watch..LOL

I'm halfway through on this other afghan I'm doing ..the pattern is really nice and it just seems to move quickly... I do a few rows each time I sit back ..kind of the pattern is 4 rows and I do that 6 xs.. so I get a good chuck done daily.

I'm trying to come down with a cold..and I'm telling myself.. NO YOU ARE I'm taking Tylenol..and just making sure I'm drinking fluids..sure don't want one for the drive home..

Need to make a few things up tomorrow so I can have that for us in the RV when we stop for our meals.. that helps cause a lot of the times..the food out there is garbage.. only thing we buy is breakfast..

So now I need to get my act together and get to bed..tomorrow is gonna be busy and then from then on...OH MY STARS !!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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