Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Over The Hump on Wednesday

Over the hump on Wednesday....woke up much better as I gave it a lot of thought about the implant procedure and I realize I really don't have an alternative being I have the problems with bone I'll do my homework and will get another opinion when I get back to Philly.

Morning was hectic as it always is... the brats are in high gear from resting all night and let out like Wild Boar..and I just sit back sense screaming or attempting to get in their way..they do settle down after they've exhausted themselves...

Got everyone their breakfast and headed out to Publix ..picked up a few things then headed to Sparr's as I was out of their Lunch Cookie.. a huge biscuit..and then headed home..

Amazing how stress can ware you out..but I was really just not full of energy and most of the day I kind of just paced myself.. and looking at my list .. I have setups tomorrow for Shug ..(it's always on going) but it does give me a break once I get them done..

Tonight watched the Survivor.. always interesting and now that comes to an end and I see Big Brother will be starting up along with America's Got Talent..Oh yeah !   and here we go again..

Ok, I'm wiped and tomorrow is trash day...LUCKY ME !  so it's  Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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