Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ok, I'll Deal With Saturday

Ok, I'll deal with I go through my lists of things I have to get ready for Rudy.. the days are coming closer I meet up with Rose on the 30th and Rudy will be away from home for 3 weeks... Yes! Momma here is getting nervous..

Morning for me I've said many times before is hectic... I have my getting ready for the brats and Ms Shug going ...and the darlings are always in High Gear..charging through the house ...growling, jumping and rolling on the floor as they knock into me...always everyday I get my feet stomped on.. I'm surprised I don't have all my toes broken..they show me no mercy LOL.

Then after I get all that done I get my turn to sit back drink my large cup (2cups) of coffee and have my raisin toast as Ms Shug joins me for breakfast...I take a breather and watch the goings on outside and listen to the news..wait for hubby to call on his way to work...

It's the same everyday till I run out of setups and then the work load intensifies and Yes! I complain all the work I cause myself.. I know, I'm the only one that listens to it..hahaha... but once I'm done I get a major break in work load..although I always have a lot to do..

Now here on Saturday I treated myself to some awful Chinese food..I do mean it's not great.. only a couple of the items they make do I even I've said before, "Not sure what happen to the Chinese in Florida, but they gave up n cooking really good..same with the Pizza.. awful"..

I had to get all the pork and chicken in vacuum seal bags so they didn't get freezer burnt ...then made sure I have all that I need for Rudy to go on the road.. that's all done..have to pick up the 40lb bag of food and everything else is done..

Now I'm ready for bed..gave everyone their night snack and I'm just getting my night gown on and leaning back...been a day and tomorrow I start all over again LOL... cept I've got to cut up some Sweet Potatoes for Ms Shug to cook ahead..
It's what keeps me active...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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