Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Big Saturday !

The big Saturday !  The day I bring my big boy Rudy to meet up with Rose his handler..My heart was feeling the ache but I knew he was going to be in good hands and with someone that would give him lots of love and attention..

Woke up a little bit uneasy from thinking about a friend who just had a traumatic experience and I was feeling so bad for her...prayed that all would work out and that the rest of the week would go smoothly for her..

Got up at 5am and loved on my big boy Rudy as I knew this was gonna be the last time for 3 weeks..( I'm such a woos!)....Miss Annie was her usual tough gal and gave Rudy his what for..LOL  He loves it ...but again, I wanted my time with him to hug on to the big lug ..

Didn't feed the brats breakfast as I worried with driving, might be a bit too much and also Rudy was like on the edge..he knew we were going someplace and he would not settle down.. drove me bonkers!

Got Ms Shug fed and she was acting like, "Where the heck are you all going ".. I didn't have my breakfast with her and her beak was out of joint..Oh well ...she'll get over it ..hahaha..or she'll bite me..

I loaded up all the stuff...good grief I had a mess going.. frozen pork patties, frozen chicken thighs, biscuits, charcoal biscuits and 40lbs of Eukanuba..2 bottles of water and Heart Guard for 1st of June..the list on how I feed and what have you...hahaha..oh yeah!  the two brats :)

Got everyone in the car and Rudy would not sit or lay down..he stood looking out the back window the whole way he sleeps good tonight LOL.. but Miss Annie..she leaned back and took her snooze..

Stopped at McDonalds to grab coffee..which by the way is terrible and an egg mcmuffin...I didn't need to go on an empty stomach with taking all my meds..drove down and I was there within an hour and a half.. don't know why someone told me over 2 hours..

So I was the first one their and soon after Rose came in and then Nancy and Jerry...we all met up and chatted a bit ..they were anxious to see Rudy and they brought two dogs with them as well... we all hugged loaded the dogs into Rose's van and away we all drove..back on up that long drive...

I got a text from Rose letting me know she made it home and all were doing well and then I talked with Jerry and seems we all got in at the same time... was a good feeling that we all communicated...something I wasn't use to from past..

The rest of the day was quiet and I'm telling you we, Miss Annie, Ms Shug and Me...missed that big lug...Annie has been very quiet might take her a few days ..but when he comes home.. I know she'll whip his butt.. and he'll love it !

Now it's that time for bed and I'm really so ready and on with tomorrow.. So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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