Friday, May 8, 2015

A Shopping Day On Friday

A shopping day on Friday...Oh Boy !!... I get to go out again..two days in a row ..I'm not sure I'm gonna know how to behave myself..LOL....

Well, I'd like to begin with...Why am I waking up at 4am..?????  This is not going to keep happening I hope... it makes my day so dang long and I'm running out of speed.. ...but I keep truckin on....DUH !

Got the brats all settled down and Ms Shug wasn't thrilled as normally she's out with me having breakfast..but no today SISTER!!.. I am on a mission...hahaha.. have to pick up a few groceries..and of course stuff for Shug and Rudy.. I mean it's always more needed..

Good thing too because they had pork on sale so I picked up a few more pounds of it and got Shug her Corn..she so loves corn on the cob.. the white and yellow mix.. must be real sweet...but she does the Yum, Yum, Yum.....and that works for me..

Store was crowded..and I wanted to get in and get out and don't cha know I left my list in the car..UGH... so I got what I thought I needed with a few goodies.. those Krispy Kremes..OH ! take them away I have no control...

I was gonna stop at Sparrs but it was so hot when I got to the car and I left my cooler bags in the home I went.. and unloaded and then let the brats out.. they were bouncing off the wall...Ms Shug was screaming.. Let me out of here LOL

Took like forever to calm everyone down.. goodness I'm not allowed to go anywhere it seems...but that's gotta stop..cause tomorrow I'm heading out again I have to go to Sparrs..LOL  I also need to go to Walmart to pick up more yarn for the "throw" I'm making hubby.. it's coming along nicely but no way what the pattern calls for is it gonna make it.. I need more yarn..and only 5 oz on a skein.. it called for 8...should have been 18..more like it.

I didn't eat dinner as the Krispy Kreme was over my I just had a glass of milk..I mean I was a "Bad Bad Ole Lady Whoooooo" I did a little more knitting not much as my hands are really hurting..they cramp..this yarn is thick and the throw is getting heavy in my lap..

Watched the Amazing Race and chatted with my friend Dawn who has just bought a smoker and did up a brisket and made pastrami...oh yeah I could sure go for that...but as I tried to explain... it's only me..hubby is not here yet and that's a lot of smokin' I'd have to be doing and I'm not big on smoked foods.. a White smoked white fish..

Now my brain is in shut down mode cause it's late for me.. so you know I'll be dragging tomorrow...oh brother .....Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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