Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh Help Me, It's Monday !

Oh help me, it's Monday !... goodness gracious..this morning was a rush and I do mean a rush... seems like I was in reverse speed..getting the trash out and all my chores done..then on to feeding the brats...I mean to tell you I was gasping when I sat down and had my coffee with Ms Shug... I mean I'm so glad this day is just about over !!!!!!!!

The weather was great, but my day was just to dang busy... I was going in so many directions I had to stop myself as I wasn't going no where fast ...hahaha.. and of course Miss Annie and Rudy were feeling their oats... I need a broom ..I mean to tell you I could have put that in full use..

By afternoon time I was going on the down hill fast...made lunch and Ms Shug didn't have any of her corn left..OMG!!  but did have her sugar snap peas..but she did give me the look..hahaha.. even Ms Shug .

I had to lean back as I could feel myself just wiping out.. I was for some reason ..felt like I was racing inside myself.. too much I'm trying to get done.. and I need to start to pace myself.. I keep forgetting that if I do this too much I'm done for the rest of the day..DUH!!!  Some day it will sink in .

Later tonight I did watch the Voice and thank goodness Sawyer did sing an upbeat tune..Take Me To The River..woo hoo.. He needs more of those type tunes ...

Now it's bed time and finally Annie and Rudy are calmed down.. it's got to be something in the water.. I sure hope tomorrow will be a lot better..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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