Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ok, It's Sunday I'm Caught Up!

Ok, it's Sunday, I'm caught up and tomorrow I have a Dentist appointment regarding implants..whether I get them or not..we shall see..

Morning for me was as always is..busy !!!... I mean there are no words that can explain the wildness of my morning and until I settle the brats down and get all's a blur ...plain and simple ..

I had several things to get done because my Monday would have normally been the day I would have done laundry, vacuumed and steam cleaned the floors..but nope...I'm gonna be pre occupied.

In fact I will leave before feeding Annie and Rudy but will give them a big biscuit till I get back home..but Shug has to be fed.. it's a bird thing !.. but Annie and Rudy will have their run as they always do...just will be cut a little short..Have to get the trash all out too..but got that all ready except for the doggie bags LOL

No coffee in the morning for me..YIKES.. I'll be a DEVIL WOMAN...but I'll grab one after I leave the dentist office...hope so anyway.. don't know how long I can go with out my coffee..and be civil.???????

Working on Hubby's Throw (Afghan) and he tells me he wants it 66" long..heck that's taller than me..hahaha.. this is heavy but really nice and I can barely hold it in my lap it's WARM !!!  more like I'm roasting...but my hands hurt after 8 it's on going but getting there..

Watching BillBoard Awards...and I'm dragging so it's gonna be lights out shortly and on with tomorrow..YUCKO.....

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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