Friday, May 22, 2015

Gawd It's Friday !

Gawd It's Friday !...and that's how it goes...I was hoping to get out for a bit but it didn't go that way instead it was rather an unusual day...LOL

Morning again I got up wee early and boy that warm air hit me smack dab in the face...I could hardly catch my breath..nothing like waking up to 78 degrees..and no breeze..Hello Florida !!!

Got the brats taken care of and talked with the hubby on our morning ritual as we do every morning ..he let's me know he's up and if I don't hear from him by a certain time I call to make sure he's's how it is..

Then I get a call from him as he drives into the funny part about that is the whole time I use to travel he would never talk with me.. I mean I use to call but he was like, not really wanting to talk.. see how times change..but I do let him know how I use to feel.. it was a thing that needed to be said.. I did many a miles alone and needing to talk and I'd find a friend that would come along the miles with me..thank goodness or I had my critters with and I'd talk to them..although I didn't get much of a response but I wasn't alone..

Then it was my time to sit back and enjoy my coffee and toast and Ms Shug as she and I have breakfast together..that's our thing now's ok, she's a hoot and the brats are in their crates resting from the huge amount of food ..they don't need to be out running and fighting which they do all the time..!!

Most my day was getting things ready for when Rudy heads to meet up with his handler I packed his frozen food in vacuum sealed bags and got his biscuits all done up too.. next I have to get his bag of food..40lbs and then last I'll get the car set up with cooler bags for the frozen food..

That was my whole day other than watering my plants and feeding my wild birds.. I'll be heading over to Walmart as I'm just about out of bird seed and I need to pick up my trellis (5) in all..and a few other things ..

Towards evening my darling Miss Annie got herself into trouble.. I mean doesn't she always.. it's her way of life.. she chewed up a pair of metal knitting needles (don't ask how) and then ate a ball of yarn (5 oz) .. I suppose tomorrow she'll decide to chit a pair of socks.. what color did you ask ????  Sky Blue .. better put your order in.. geeeeeeeeeeez !!!  doesn't get any better..

So it be !  it is what it is !...HELP!  She's the brat from the bowels of HELL.. LOL.. she's a love but oh my stars...she's gonna drive me nutz !

Now I'm ready for bed and still have to do Shug's veggie set up but I'll do that in the morning...already did a pot of rice up for Annie with her 1/2 tblsp of pumpkin that helps her tummy.. don't know why cause she is determined to eat weird stuff... Lord help her .

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All... and Miss Annie so I don't whoop her arse !!

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