Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Made The Break Out On Sunday :)

I made the break out on Sunday :)... and I didn't watch QVC...well truth be told I haven't watched QVC in a coon's age...been just not needing anything and I guess I've been so involved with what Hubby is going to do about his health and maybe soon think about Retiring..

For some reason this morning I woke up at 4am..Good Gravy what was I thinking...but I couldn't get back to sleep ..but I did let Rudy out and on the bed being Miss Annie was still in her sleep mode..she was kind to him for a few minutes then she went on the attack as soon as he stepped closer to me..poor boy.. I'm trying to work him in ..might have to squeeze a smidgen ..but he needs to have his time too...

After I got everyone fed and including myself .. I kind of lagged a bit..but then headed out..and to Walmart ...I so do not like going there anymore..seems their stuff is getting junkie...and when you go in to the food area..well, not appetizing for sure..

I did get my trellis..and I found two hanging baskets..but when I got home with them...they are too big..I can still use them in my planters next to the house..but I do need to buy 6 more smaller hanging mine ...well I might get another season..

I did buy some neat yarn..the thick stuff and it's a steel blue color ..gonna make hubby a lap type throw..maybe a little longer..but this sweetheart is gonna be heavy and with the winters being so cold this will come in handy..and I'm knitting it..already had to take it out...hahaha.. somewhere in this pattern I'm missing something..but I restarted it so the border is done now tomorrow after I get my chores done I'll start the pattern ..and count !!!! but wow it's heavy on my hands... this is on a round needle called for an 11...but I only had a 10 1/2 .. so it will be ok..

Other than that.. got back and put up my my Mandevilla and boy it looks nice.. I need to take pictures..but now I need to get a few more trellis for the other plants... as they will need something to climb up on..

I did go to stop by that nursery and they were closed on Sunday so I'll have to swing by one day next week..and get a few more plants to put on the side of the carport...with a trellis of course LOL..

Now I'm tired ...need to head to bed.. busy Monday..lots of things to get done and laundry..OMG!! Trash too and oh.. change my filter in my Heat Pump..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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