Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Out And About On Thursday

I'm out and about on Thursday...I know it was only to the grocery store but I got actually out of the house and it felt good..the butcher knows me really well as I go and have him cut up the pork and the chicken for Rudy...and I guess they are kind of shocked as most people are not into that..

Slept pretty good and had a strange dream with hubby's brother George in it (he passed with Leukemia several years ago) we were sitting at the table and George was saying how he needed to get someone to come over and take care of the bears...and then hubby was telling him about my English Peas..LOL  it was strange..

Got the group fed and as soon as I could get dressed I was out and about.. it was also trash day and I was sure hoping I wouldn't be forgotten again...but I backed out that driveway and down the road I went..

Store was nice and cool and not to crowded and I got an up front spot too..saw the same man that helps me carry out my groceries..he is really sweet and even opens the door for me.. very kind man ..I've tried to tip him and he won't take it..

Anyway got all my "stuff" I needed and came home and the brats were like off the wall..they wanted out and to charge through the house..only to be put back up with their lunch cookie..and Ms Shug was yelling too..she wanted her they were all tuned up.. so I fixed everyone and including was relaxing...

Got up and cooked up Sausage and Peppers as I promised Clancy and when he got home he called.. only thing was this time..the sausage wasn't really that juicy ..I wasn't happy with how it turned out and I told Clancy but he said, "I don't care I know it will be good anyway"... he looked tired and I'm sure that made him happy as he didn't have to cook..LOL

Watched a little TV tonight and mainly chatted with he went down to the University of Pa yesterday and saw that other Doctor..who convinced hubby to get a needle the facts are ..Yes! it's 95 % benign but the other 5 % could be malignant. Get it checked to make sure..and also they might try and shrink it with radiation..but we will talk about that down the road..

I'm kind of glad he's going to get this checked to make sure..cause there is always that.."What if"..which can worry you to no that's our next step.. He has to get another MRI as the one he had done is older..and they want it done right before they do the biopsy..

So that's about it..other than tomorrow I've got lots to get done..wrap up Rudy's food as he will be going on the road the end of May..and also cook up a few things so I don't have to during the week as I tend to get so wiped out..

That's my story for today...other than ..It Was Hot !!...had to use my inhaler ..felt wheezing...needed to clear them lungs's the humidity.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.. 

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