Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Nothing Kind Of Day On Tuesday

A nothing kind of day on Tuesday....and so it was.. I was really exhausted from Monday and I felt I needed to take a "Me" day...so it was ...although I still did my chores.. I mean that's a given...but the rest of the day I just veggied out.

I worked on Robert's Throw I'm making.. and boy let me tell you.. this is some heavy stuff.. my hands are aching.. I did like 24 rows and I was maxed out.. now I didn't do that at one sitting.. it was a little in the morning, a little at lunch time and a little before dinner...but that was all I could handle..

He will be warm in fact it will be like a furnace..hahaha.. it's in a denim blue.. it's pretty neat looking and soft but heavy LOL.. and I think I'm gonna need to pick up more ..as the pattern says, "8 balls"..these however are a different type yarn a little thinner that what it called for and this of course has only 5 ounce to a skein (ball) the other (big deal) is 6 oz...hahaha.. but no way is this gonna only take that amount.. plus I'm using a smaller knitting needle ..yeah, I somewhat changed things but it was like this.. that's all they had in the store as far as round needles go.. 10 1/2.. instead of a 13....so I think I need more yarn as I did buy 10 skeins.. hahaha..

So that was my day other than my brats weren't as bad as yesterday but soon I can tell that broom is coming out of the closet and a big swing is gonna take place..even Shug..I mean she was like a mad bird.. hahaha.. squawking LOUD.. drove me bonkers.. I could have ran away...if I had my rig out there .. I might have hahaha..

Tonight watched the Voice to see who made the cut..Sawyer made it in.. so he best step it up a notch and so that was it.. I mean I did watch a few shows during the day.. and I feel much better .. my asthma is kicking up ..but it's because the humidity is up too.. had to use my inhaler..

Now I'm getting ready for bed.. Brats have a Vet appointment tomorrow at 9am.. so I won't feed them breakfast just in case.. Rudy doesn't like the car that much.. he's ok in the motor home .. but car..different story and of course Annie loves anything but good golly she barks at everything.. Where did I go wrong ???? LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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