Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Was In My Own World On Saturday

I was in my own world on Saturday..reason .....because I didn't get to bed till after midnight and I was up again at with that little sleep this ole gals brain was called.."Fogged In "....Oh most definitely ...

I stumbled around and made my coffee a little stronger as I sure needed the get up and go cause mine got up and left the area ...I mean to tell you I could barely function.. I can't believe I use to be able to go and go all, I'm good for the first 5 and then I'm on the down hill slope.

I did manage to get a few of my setups (here we go again) done .. like I put up the ground pork for Rudy ..I did up the rice and pumpkin for Miss Annie and I got the feed bins loaded and opened the big 40lbs bags into the large bin..did up the charcoal bisuits for Rudy and Annie..did up the nuts for Ms Shug .

Tomorrow I'll do up the veggies for Ms Shug and dried fruits as they get moistened up when mixed in with the greens. I also took the frozen sweet potatoes and greens mixture out to thaw so in a few days that will be set up for the next 9 days ..the Quinoa is already cooked.. I did the red and white..Ms Shug will like that..

I'll have a breather for a few days ahead anyway..but do need to pick up more sweet potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes and dice up and steam and freeze ahead for Ms Shug..

Yep, it's a continuous job and if I didn't do these setups I'd be in an blur..too much to do daily.. bad enough now I have to sit by Ms Shug and eat breakfast, lunch and she's wanting my company wanting a piece of what ever I'm having.. but she eats that's what's important.

Tonight I watched I Remember Momma, that has always been my favorite of all times.. I do so remember when I was a young kid how we'd sit around the kitchen table and Momma would go through the money and wrap them in paper the coins for us to bring to school to pay for our milk and cookies LOL  also she'd go through the bills on what had to be paid and also give us money to get our shoes repaired  either it was new soles or heels..LOL  our shoes lasted till our toes were coming through...was no buying new shoes that I recall ..and going up to the shoe maker was neat..loved the smell of the leather when I would walk in his shop...those were the days alright ..

Now I'm ready for bed..loaded the dishwasher and that sounds puts me to sleep ..nice and steady...and on to Sunday...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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