Thursday, May 7, 2015

To The Doctor On Thursday :)~

To the Doctor on Thursday :)~..... It was up and get everything done and out the door by 7am... Only gave the Brats their cookie and had to feed Ms Shug..then grabbed my bag and out the door I went..

The drive in is always a treat.. the Morning Sun is beaming right in your eyes.. Yes!  I'm traveling I squint all the way in ..even with my bad eye there with no problem and in the office.. I barely sat down and the nurse came and got me..

Took my weight (lost 8 lbs) and my bloodpressure.. 160/80..mmmm wonder why????? could it be I was still in shock from yesterday...or maybe cause I didn't take my meds as it was only 7:30am.. mmm well we'll see..

Got put in that little room.. you know the one where you check everything out in the room.. and listen to those footsteps as they walk by... but surprise.. Doc walked in and HELLO There..

He always likes to joke with me.. it's kind of a New York thing and then he goes over my meds and my blood work.. my numbers were good..cholesterol 143
HDL  60....Triglycerides 103...LDL  62... Bingo !.. My A1C was 6.0 still not bad really.. but my Bilirubin was high 1.4..all those meds and I have that fatty liver as they call it.. just give me more meds LOL..

Had a good visit with Doc as usual...we joked about my last experience and then he tells me all his good stuff.. I have my list for him and he chuckles and he addresses each one and those he is not sure he writes them down and if I don't see him .. like now I'm going back to Pa in July he'll email me or call me

Then I was out of there stopped at McD's for breakfast...grabbed my bag and headed home to let the brats out then feed them.. then I sat down took my meds and ate my the way.. McD's coffee was full of coffee grounds.. yucko.. it was nasty !!

Most the day I just puttered around and watered my plants fed my Christmas Cactus and then worked a little more on Hubby's to lean back a little and then before I knew it .. it was night time..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I have to go to Publix.. pick up a few things and then just come home and take the day a little easy... so that's my story and those traveling Stay Safe and those in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.. Hunker down... Safe.... God Bless Us All..

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