Monday, May 11, 2015

OMG! It's Monday

OMG!  It's Monday...and I did not get a good night sleep.. I made the mistake of having Annie and Rudy loose...DUH!  what in the world was I thinking...they got along ok but it was up and down and then panting and then finally Annie got into her mood and it was CHARGE poor Rudy ...and then I was up ..

By the time we actually got out of bed I could have just drove away..hahaha.. I mean it was such a long day and a hot day and I wanted to get over to Walmart to pick up the rest of the yarn to finish hubby's throw and I never got out the door.

My phone never stopped but I did accomplish a few things.. I got my appointment with my Dentist and he also informed me he was retiring..UGH!  but I go next Monday for an evaluation on my implants..

Then I got Rudy registered in the MicroChip..appearently I thought I had registered him but I only did Annie..another DUH moment.. but he's now done done done..

So by the time I got that all taken care of .. I then had to lean back and rest.. I could feel myself getting really tired...I had dragged the trash out and got all that work done..and low and behold again... the trash guys didn't pick mine up.. I was pissed...!

Tomorrow I will call the office and get them to call waste management and pick that up and I'll register a's happened too many times..enough is enough.

Tonight watched the Voice and then got the brats out.. had to put them up earlier as they got into a happens but tonight I wasn't in the mood for that they weren't too happy..but they got over it as they got their cookie before bed.

So hopefully tomorrow I can make a quick run over to Walmart and get the few things I need..then I need to start getting things ready for Rudy to hit the open road.. I have him going with another handler..she's really very nice and really loves the dogs and Rotties are mainly what she handles.. So she'll take him for a week before he starts showing to get Rudy to bond with her.. Smart Gal !!

Ok, I'm beat and I need to get a good night's sleep...Those traveling Be Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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