Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Welcoming Tuesday

A welcoming Tuesday as I got through the day pretty darn good ... Morning was the normal hectic, wild and crazy with my zany brats but I enjoy it..as otherwise my life would be BORING !!

Today thought I had to run to Publix and to Sparr's ..had to pick up a 40lb bag of Eukanuba for Rudy as he will be heading out on Saturday as I drive down to meet up with Rose..and his show career starts..he's coming very much into his own ..no longer looks like the young pup.. he's becoming a Big Boy ...and he's just about ready..

I'm a tad bit nervous, but I also know that Rose is very good with the dogs and doesn't have a lot where her attention is spent on too many.. so she'll have that one on one which for him, is really important..

Most of the day went by rather quickly and I also finished Robert's Afghan all I have to do now is weave in the ends..and I'll work on that more Thursday as tomorrow I have to take those darling two brats...to the Vets..

This should be another interesting event..everytime it's something crazy .. I leave the place with everyone laughing.. including me ...I even think my two brats leave grinning LOL..

Haven't felt much like cooking..but I need to start as I'm eating JUNK...and that's not good.. so tomorrow I'll start getting on the band wagon and cooking..OMG!  well sorta of LOL.. My NuWave Oven sure does make it easier..

So that's about it.. other than it was HOT>>>>HOT<<<<

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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