Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What A Day On Wednesday

What a day on Wednesday... and I do mean what a day!... Got up and I didn't even make a piece of toast as I had things to do and get the brats to the Vets...and of couse I had the rotten night sleep..waking up at 4am.. took me forever to get to sleep on top of that.. Should have known why

Didn't feed the brats breakfast as Rudy doesn't like riding in the car  I mean he likes it but his tummy doesn't.. so I only gave them a cooking and got Ms Shug fed and she was wondering why she wasn't out so she began to scream...

I got everyone out the door and we headed over to the Vets... look out Wildwood here we come !!!!  Got their and Rosemary was outside having her cig and coffee..LOL  she waved and she knew LOOK OUT.. WE HAVE ARRIVED...hahaha..

She's really great too.. we both laugh as I open the slider and open Annie's crate and she bolts out but I caught her..had to hang on to get that leash on..and then I gave her to Rosemary and off they went.. next was Rudy..Gawd help me that boy is strong...but I hung on got his leash on and prayed he wouldn't knock me over.. he's really STRONG!

We get inside and there is a Cat...just looking at us and Rudy and Annie are looking and I see Rudy's hackles go up.. UH OH.. I'm prepared to hang on... TIGHT!... next come the other techs as we have to weigh in the brats..

We get that done and the one tech has a hold of Rudy.. then the cat comes back..HELLO...there she goes... I mean I could say..."She skidded down the hallway...hahaha.."... Was waiting to smell rubber burning ...hahaha

Next as Rudy comes back up there is another cat in the corner on the chair sleeping... well he thought he was.. Miss Annie got her nose in and up that cat went... Everyone was laughing as it became a blurr.. and some people came in with a feisty little dog.. and that dog was wanting to take us all on.. OH NO!!

It was loud and Doc came out laughing.. but wait his turn was we got into the little room.. Annie was happy to see Doc and as soon as Doc kneeled down.. it was over... I mean Rudy just jumped on Doc and was licking him and Annie was tugging him.. hmmmm Doc got a dog bath .. and he was just laughing and saying, "Thank goodness these have good temperament LOL.

After that episode we left and went home.. I pulled in the driveway and was tired.. I figured I'd open the carport door and then let Annie and Rudy run in like they've always done... NOT TODAY...they jumped out and took off... OMG!!  I called and called and do you think they'd even stop and look at me...HELL NO !

I tried to run but my legs are bad...but I did catch up to Annie as Rudy was busy sniffing and peeing on the trees..thank goodness... Once I got a hold of Annie I grabbed her collar and walked back to the house.. Rudy then stopped and turned around and starting following us... Got Annie in the Carport and Rudy took off for the front of the house and towards a neighbors garage door they had opened... I jumped in my car ..backed out the driveway ..made the turn and opened the slider and as I was in motion I called for Rudy ..he came running towards the car and jumped in... Good Gravy.. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard..

If I was to go.. that would have been the time right then and there.. I mean my heart beats were so hard they hurt my rib cage.. that's a fact.. I could hardly catch my breath as I had some problems with my Asthma...well hello Lungs.. I heard you plead and say..."Chit heads, they are Chit heads"...

Drove back in and put Rudy on the leash.. walked in him the carport and really I wanted to put my foot up both their arses.. but it was my own fault .. I broke my own rule.. I'm the jack ass !

When we got in the house.. I gave them their lunch cookie and put them up and I fell out.. I was so wiped I could barely move.. I had to rest or I just knew I'd be found later on..turned blue !!!

The rest of my day was spent .. I was going to go to Publix but you can forget about that.. I couldn't even if I was given the store.. I had to take it easy and that's what I did.. the rest of the whole day... I didn't care..but I do know this.. these block heads I have don't give a rats patootie ..if they get loose they is on their way to FREEDOM...

Now I watched Survivor and I'm ready for bed.. tomorrow I have a Doc appointment at 7:30am.. so it's off to bed I go... Those traveling Stay Safe and those in Oklahoma, I sure am keeping you all in pray... God Bless Us All..

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