Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Appeared With Out My Help !

Sunday appeared without my help!  and I'm still going ... got all of the things needed for Rudy to travel with.. am a bit nervous..but I know he'll be in good hands...but oh my..the empty nest syndrome is hitting Momma

Got up this morning and didn't even want my cup of coffee I had so many things on my mind..what to do ..where to go..what else did I need...Oy!!!!....I'm getting there slowly ..

Have to remember I need to go to the Vets on Wednesday to get Rudy and Annie's Booster and then gather his bags to put all that frozen food in ..OH!!! Yeah, I'll be just fine..

Then this afternoon my niece calls and they are coming down.. only problem is.. I'm not going to be in... I mean I have the dog shows..Holy Crap I felt like chit.. I had wanted to see her and her hubby and now I might only see them just for lunch.. if that... I feel so terrible.. but I am planning on going and spending the weekend at the campground 5 min. from their home in August..but still that doesn't make me feel that great either..

Now my stomach is a mess.. I went and got a Wendy's ..shouldn't have but I didn't want to cook.. sucks and it's bed time.. so this is short and sweet and hoping for relief ...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and remember this is Memorial Day ..not to be yours !!  God Bless Us All..

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