Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Flippin Friday

It's Flippin Friday and I'm telling you I'm down to the wire !.. Got up and felt like I was missing something..not sure cause I still haven't found it just yet..but I'm looking...

After I got the brats fed and Ms Shug and I had breakfast I got up and out the door to Publix as I needed to pick up a package of chicken Thighs for Rudy's to use all the others were frozen and I did up 6 pork patties also this morning.. so that will be his... I'm ready to eat while Rose sets the others in their neat little vacuum sealed bags to thaw. She will appreciate mess !

While at Publix I walked by the isle that has those dear ladies cookin up something for you to just try...and I always try to avoid it..but not this time..Oh NO!!!  She got me.. she kept calling me to come over and try thing I look up and she's at my cart with that plate of something??????

So I oblige and low and behold that chit was good LOL... next thing I realize is she's loading my basket with all the stuff I need to make it... Perhaps she gets commission ????  dunno...but I'm tellin you this was GOOOOOOD!   It was called Creamy Horseradish Pork with Sauteed Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms..OMG.... and yes!  I will be making it on Sunday..:)

Finally I got out of the store and hurried home to get other things packed and print out my feed list for Rudy LOL  I know this gal is gonna think this Ole Gal is a Nut Job... I am ... I admit it... but I do try to make sure my crew eats good..

Before I realized it the day got away from me.. and now here I sit at my computer getting ready for bed ..and I had to do Rudy's toenails..Oh LORD Have Mercy...he was so bad.. I flipped his arse over on the bed and I just wasn't gonna let him get away with it... as big as he is and strong as he is... if he would have gotten mad .. well, I'd be on the floor lookin up.. but I did pop him a quick one and let him know.. I ain't no push over..Hence we got all 10 nails done and I then hugged him and played with him to make up for it...

Don't know why all of a sudden he's not wanting this.. I never had problems with him like this..but he'll be gone 3 weeks..I know Rose won't put up with it either...and that's a good thing..

I also have to do Annie and she's a she's always been the worst...I need to rest before I do her..but she's getting done soon.. ok, now I'm wiped out..

I need to get my butt in bed as I'm loading up tomorrow and then heading out only a few hours driving but I'm a little uptight.. so it's sweet dreams all..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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