Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Took A Me Day On Thursday :)

I took a me day on Thursday..:)... I needed a Me Day !... and I got it..well almost as I still had to do some work.. I mean, what's a day without a job to do ???????

Morning was warm and I was just dragging butt....but I got the brats taken care of and my plants watered and  Yes!  even the outside critters were looking at me... have a few that actually come up to me while I'm outside....ok, I'm the feeder of the group ...hahaha

Came back inside and me and Ms Shug have breakfast together..she's made that a ritual.. I mean if I'm not in my seat next to her eating while she is..she complains big time...I mean high it is what it is..

I also finished the Afghan other than weaving in the ends and I took a picture.. now I have to tell you I was shocked and ticked off cause it's shaded.. even though I got the same dye lot.. it's shaded.. I wanted it to be so right on too..but hubby feels it's gonna be just fine and keep him warm..

It's really nice .. I mean the pattern I really like it..but boy I just don't understand..companies today don't give a chit.. anyway it is.. I have it folded ....
The rest of my day went well.. and now I'm just ready for bed and to get my list of things I need to make sure I have to bring with Rudy when we leave Saturday and Rudy goes with his handler.. I know I'm gonna miss that boy..he's wonderful to live with and Miss Annie is gonna be missing him too.. she won't have any one to pick on other than me and Ms Shug..Uh Oh !                       
So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....................

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