Saturday, May 16, 2015

Oops! I Did Miss Friday, I'm Here For Saturday :)

Oops!  I did miss Friday, I'm here for Saturday :) they say, "Chit happens" and it sure did.. by the time my day ended on Friday I was color me gone...hahaha.. I hit that bed and I was out like a flash... been pushing and the heat ain't helping..

Now here I am putting the last of my work for tomorrow as on Monday I have an early appointment with the Oral Surgeon regarding see if my jaw is healed and we can go forth and get things somewhat back to normal.

Today I was just trying to finish all the things needed on my list.. I have Rudy's food all vacuum sealed for when his Handler, Rose, will call and I'll meet up with her so she can do some training and then start showing Rudy..

Robert has to get another MRI and then the Doctors will schedule his needle biopsy..I can't wait for that to be our worry will be some what reduced..and then we will find out if they will attempt to shrink his tumor by radiation..

Lots of things on my mind...and so much to do too..!  I also have to make a reservation for a campground near my niece, I'm excited as it has been so many years since I've seen any of them... It's awful when you have a bad situation that changes your life completely..

My sister's husband was a "bastard" no other way to put it.. he kept her from her family and until her death,  it was a after almost 50 years, I know sounds wild but it's a fact..I'm going to meet and greet all, maybe, and their children and grandchildren... As I said to my eldest niece, "I really want to see all of you, and not at my funeral".

I can't even express how I'm feeling..but I'm so thankful to God, that I'm still here and I know I'll be thinking of my sister guarantee I'm not gonna ball my eyes out..

Anyway, I'm now ready for bed and I have a list of things to do with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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